Inspiring Australian Women to Shine

Our quest at Elevate is simple yet profound: to inspire and empower women across Australia. We're not just a platform; we're a catalyst for transformative growth and self-discovery. Our mentorship and resource-rich environment nurture a thriving spirit, guiding you to unlock your ultimate potential.

"We rise by lifting others. In every act of support, we find our collective power to soar to new heights."

Lighting the Way to a Brighter Tomorrow

Elevate envisions a future where each woman is a beacon of change, not just in Australia but globally. Our vision is to light your path to inspiration and transformative success. Join us in building a world where every woman is an empowered leader, creating ripples of positive change and unity.

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Inspire. Transform.Thrive with Elevate ITT

  • Paint & High Tea with Elevate ITT

    Sunday, 25th August 2024

    9.30 am to 3.30 pm

    Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley

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  • Love Yourself Workshop

    Thursday, 27th  of June at 6 pm

    Learn More 
  • Finding Peace in the Journey with Mariam Ardati

    Thursday, 2nd of May at 6 pm

    Next workshop TBC

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  • Paint and Sip (Halal)

    Thursday, 6th of June at 6 pm

    Learn More 
  • Khalwa | A 2 Day Spiritual Growth Sanctuary

    11-12 November 2023

  • Talk ITT. Walk ITT

    Every Saturday or Sunday

  • Dine ITT - Women's Only Ramadan Iftar

    Tuesday, 2nd of April

  • Ramadan Prep - Nourish the Soul

    February 25th, 2024

elevate itt Co-founder

Nadia Bouchti

"Empowerment begins when we recognise the strength in unity and the power of our voices. Together, we rise."

Nadia is a devoted Community Development Officer, excels as a Moroccan community leader in Sydney. Recognised for her extensive community work by many community organisations, she has been honored by NSW's Governor for her impactful contributions.

elevate itt Co-founder

Dina Kheir

"The greatest revolutions start with a single act of courage. In every woman lies the potential to ignite change and inspire a community."

As a dedicated florist and event stylist, Dina transformed her family's 1981-founded funeral florist into a dream-crafting business. Involved in significant projects like the 2000 Australian Olympic Bouquets and international weddings, She's received numerous accolades, including 2007 Business Woman of the Year and multiple local business awards. Her work, characterised by love and originality, prioritises brides, ensuring unforgettable, uniquely styled weddings.

elevate itt Co-founder

Souhair Afiouny

"True leadership is nurturing the spark in others. Our journey is about lighting the path for women to discover and embrace their fullest potential."

Souhair Afiouny is a distinguished figure in the community with over 3 decades of dedicated work in particular to woman and youth. Awarded Woman of the year, Zest Hall of Fame inductee and multiple award winner, Souhair's career is marked by her unwavering dedication to supporting women and  their community development and leadership. Souhair  passion for fashion and modesty lead her to establish a success business LA ROYALE and imports exquisite, modest, and timeless abayas from Dubai, embodying elegance and sophistication for the modern woman.

Bonds of Belief: A Gallery of Growth


What is Elevate ITT?

Elevate ITT is an organization dedicated to providing spiritual growth and self-development opportunities, focusing on empowering individuals through various workshops, retreats, and programs.

Who can participate in Elevate ITT programs?

Our programs are open to anyone seeking personal growth and spiritual enrichment. We have specific programs tailored for different age groups and interests.

What types of programs does Elevate ITT offer?

We offer a range of programs including spiritual retreats like the Khalwah Retreat, workshops on self-improvement, leadership training, and community service initiatives.

How can I register for a program or retreat?

You can register for our programs through our website. Just select the program you're interested in and follow the instructions for registration.

Are there any prerequisites for joining a program?

What is the Khalwah Retreat?

The Khalwah Retreat is a spiritual retreat designed specifically for women, focusing on personal growth, spiritual introspection, and community building.

Who leads the Elevate ITT programs?

Our programs are led by experienced facilitators and educators who are experts in their respective fields, including spiritual leaders, motivational speakers, and professional trainers.

Can I volunteer with Elevate ITT?

Yes, we welcome volunteers! You can find more information about volunteering opportunities on our website or by contacting us directly.

How can I stay updated with Elevate ITT's upcoming events?

You can stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media, or regularly checking our website for the latest news and event schedules.

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